We are excited to announce our first ever yoga challenge! With prizes and raffles included, you can sign up by purchasing a discounted month long unlimited membership in our store for $100. Even better, if you already have a monthly membership with us, you’re already enrolled to get prizes!

Intended to run for the month of September, we’ve structured our challenge a little differently than other studios. We want to offer students an opportunity to commit to their health on their own terms, without ignoring their already busy schedules.

  • Start when you’re ready. No rigid deadlines here- we’re flexible. Pick up our membership any day in September, and your personal challenge will end on the same day in October.
  • Earn prizes based on how many classes you attend in a month. Our most doable goal is two classes per week, or eight classes in a month, and our biggest challenge is four classes per week, or sixteen classes in a month. We also have a build up challenge that allows you to start with two classes in a week and end with five classes in a week, totaling fourteen classes. Do what you can, and get prizes accordingly!
  • Earn raffle tickets for every class you attend. We will have special prizes like our custom fall challenge yoga mats up for raffle on October 1st. Every class you take before that date will earn you an entry to win extra prizes!
  • You can take multiple classes in a day. Tight work schedule? Get to the end of your month and want to make up days? No sweat! You can double up on your attendance so you meet your goals, if you need to!

Prizes include t-shirts, water bottles, stickers, and more. Regardless of your experience level, we have instructors willing to work with you to find your best stretch, and this challenge is completely doable!

Start a new routine, get back into something you miss, or push yourself to a new level of healthy living- the A Radiant Life staff is here to support you along the way!