Jackie’s Recommended Props

I have to say, I love props! They’re not just for gentle or restorative classes, either.  Props help you get better form, especially as you’re learning more advanced poses, and they help keep you safe. Here are my favorite props.


It’s fair to say that I’ve tested a lot of yoga mats. When we decided we wanted to start offering mats, there were two factors that I took into account: Does it offer enough cushion, and will it hold a pose without getting slippery?

Our A Radiant Life mat through Society6 has good grip/stickiness, and is thicker than standard mats.  It’s comfortable for gentle and restorative classes where you’ll be lying down for the majority of the time.  It also has perfect grip for beginning level hatha and vinyasa classes where you’re not sweating too much.

Sometimes you need something even heavier duty, though. A Jade Mat is what I use for classes where I’ll be more active, such as a Level 2-3 vinyasa, and I need to make sure my feet are firmly planted no matter how much I sweat.

Blocks & Straps

I recommend 4″ foam blocks instead of 3″, as they give more support, whether that’s to hold you up in a standing balancing pose, or whether you’re propping yourself up for a Gentle or Restorative class.

For even more advanced practitioners, 4″ cork blocks will give you even more support and sturdiness in your practice.

A nice, thick, 8′ long strap with a metal D ring is a must for all of my classes – from Restorative to Vinyasa.

Yoga Tune Up Balls

The two types of balls I use the most in my classes are the Corgeous and the Original Tune Up Balls.

Corgeous (or George, as I call it) is used in all of my classes. It’s great to help open the heart, deepen the breath, support the upper or lower back, or even massage the chest or abdomen. It will arrive deflated. Please keep the small bag with the straw and the extra pins for inflation, as they will need to have the air pressure adjusted depending on your use as well as the seasons. They are only blown up to about 80% capacity.

Original Tune Up Balls in a tote are my second favorite. We frequently use these for self-massage in my Gentle classes – from the face to the feet, and everywhere in between!

Tune Up Plus Balls in a tote. These are better than the originals for people with bigger muscles, but they can also be used on different areas of the body than the originals. I use these the least in my Gentle classes.

Alphas are perfect for some very specific areas of the body, namely the shoulders and hips.

Please note that YTU balls should NEVER be left in your car. They degrade over time, but heat will change their surface texture. Also, never leave them on a polished wood surface (meaning furniture), as they can harm the finish.

Blankets & Bolsters

We use at least two blankets in my classes, but up to four per person in the Restorative classes.

A good bolster is a godsend, especially if you will sit for long periods of time (such as in meditation) or for both the Gentle and Restorative classes. These bolsters are my favorites, as they’re extra thick, larger, and squishier-yet-more-supportive than the bolsters you typically find at yoga studios.  Only one is needed per student.