We embrace all of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of yoga.

Yoga is more than a physical practice; it is a path of self-growth and spiritual evolution.

To practice only asana, the physical poses typically associated with yoga, is like having two hands yet only using a single finger. Our classes incorporate as many of the 8 Limbs of yoga as possible.  We include dharma talks during which we discuss yoga philosophy; breath work; mindfulness; guided meditation; as well as practices which help turn the senses inward and increase one’s proprioception to be aware of the position and movement of the body.

We offer a wide range of yoga asana classes, from Yoga Nidra (which literally translates to “yoga sleep”) to Vinyasa classes where you will sweat as you flow from pose to pose.  To make your selection of classes easier, we have classified our offerings on a 1 to 10 scale of Yin to Yang – restful to active.

We offer many different styles of yoga which are appropriate for various ages and ability levels.  If you would like assistance in deciding which class is best suited for you, please feel free to contact us for a free fifteen-minute consultation to let us help you choose a class and instructor to suit your needs.

Yoga Classes Available

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Restorative Yoga with Jackie

This class uses gravity rather than physical effort to passively open the body. Students are supported by bolsters, blankets, and blocks in these restorative poses to release stress and relax deeply. This is combined with gentle yoga & breath work. Come for an evening of relaxation, or a mini-vacation during your week.

This class is open to all ages and levels of flexibility.

Restful / Active (2/10)

Lunar Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Tiare

A peaceful prelude to sleep, this is a very gentle class, perfect for beginners and all levels. Class begins with a moonlight meditation, followed by a gentle, slow-paced flow of moon salutation asana (postures) that can be performed on a mat or seated in a chair.

Class ends with a yoga nidra (yogic sleep) practice to relax the body and unwind the mind for a deeper, more restful slumber.

Restful / Active (2/10)

Gentle Yoga with Jackie

This class uses yoga and breath work to gently release tension and manage pain, all while increasing flexibility. Many of the poses are modified and practiced with the back flat on the mat to maintain a neutral spine, and yet still open the body from head to toe.

Proper modifications can be made to accommodate all ages, body typed, ability levels, and previous injures. Come join us and see how it is possible for everyone to practice yoga.

Great for beginning students or those returning to yoga after illness or injury.

Restful / Active (3/10)

Qigong Infused Yoga™ with Tiare

This class is a fusion of Gentle Yoga and Qigong combined, offering the benefits of both ancient healing arts practices. Qigong Infused Yoga is a tranquil, beneficial and powerful mind-body practice that will increase energy, reduce stress, and improve mental focus.

Can be practiced in a chair. Very senior friendly!

Restful / Active (4/10)

Relax and Roll with Dani

This is a restorative Roll Model Method-based class, focused on the main platforms of the body (hips, shoulders, hands and feet) with different “side quests” each week. Suitable for all-levels, with options for each pose based on individual needs. With the addition of Yoga Tune Up Balls, this class becomes a Roll Model Method style of shining light on the blind spots within our muscles and fascia, releasing the issues within our tissues.

Restful / Active (4/10)

Deep stretch and strengthening with Breath Work with Antoinette

A class with long holds asana, deep breath-work and opening for all body types.

Restful / Active (5/10)

Everybody’s Chair Yoga with Tiare

Chair yoga is excellent for all levels of ability, making yoga accessible and easy to practice any time and anywhere.

Who else can benefit from chair yoga:

  • Desk workers
  • Students/ Teachers
  • Drivers
  • Anybody who doesn’t think that they are flexible enough for yoga

In this class, you will also learn the power of breathwork and mindfulness meditation to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, increase energy and vitality, and alleviate insomnia. Tiare teaches easy-to-follow actions to build a lifetime foundation of tools for balance, calm and ease in all areas of living: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Restful / Active (5/10)

Beginning Hatha with Jackie

Hatha Yoga (Ha=Sun, Tha=Moon) is a balanced practice between effort and ease. In this class, we will introduce more common yoga poses (lying down, seated, on all fours, and standing). Precise instructions will be given so students can feel confident taking their practice into other classes where less instruction may be given. We will find effort in stillness, as we hold the poses longer and explore the sensations and placement of the body in space, as opposed to moving quickly from pose to pose. We will help students find appropriate modifications for their body’s needs, using props as necessary.

This class is designed for people who want a moderately active class to increase their strength and flexibility. No previous yoga experience required.

Restful / Active (5/10)

Candy Corn & Kombucha Level 1 Hatha with Meredith

This class has the sweetness of candy corn, bringing us back to basics, allowing for play and exploration, and the comfort of a warm cup of black tea. The focus is on alignment, and breathwork, exploring beginning postures, including the six directions of the spine.

Learn to play, explore, and stretch and strengthen muscles you never knew you had! We will find your version of each posture, allowing you to express yourself more fully. Some postures will be held longer to bypass muscular energy, to get to the fascia, or connective webbing surrounding all the muscles and tissues of the body. This will help you to release tension, and relax.

This class is for all levels, including those just staring out and those who have practiced for a while and want to get back to basics.

Restful / Active (6/10)

Beginning Vinyasa Flow with Jackie

In this class, we use Sun Salutations to link poses together for an active, invigorating session, and progress from learning how to engage our core and move through some of the basic, foundation poses of yoga.

Instruction will focus on learning correct form and how to adjust the poses to meet your personal needs.

This class is designed for people who want a more active class to increase their flexibility and reap the cardio and relaxation benefits of yoga. Some yoga experience is recommended.

Restful / Active (6/10)

Yoga for Stress, Mental Health, Recovery with Kristen

Stress presents itself to us in many different ways.  In this class we work to develop physical, mental, and emotional resilience and self-regulation through yoga, together.  Self-care, mindfulness, somatics and breathing techniques for managing mental health, insomnia, chronic pain, and addiction are highlighted. Variations (from beginner on) are given to promote personal evolution.

Restful / Active (6/10)

Feel Good Flow Level 1-2 Vinyasa with Annie

This class will flow through a dynamic series of joint mobilization exercises, Sun Salutations, creative sequences, and core work to leave your body feeling good from the inside out. The juicy and fluid movements are designed to lubricate the joints, engage the muscles, lighten up the spirit, and relax the mind.

Restful / Active (7/10)

Yoga for Right Now with Kristen

The only thing that is constant is change.  This class is always evolving to reflect our current needs as humans to give YOU what YOU need in the moment.  Time of the year, common habits (like sitting and scrolling) and conditions (back pain, insomnia etc.) along with current events will be taken into consideration to help you build strength, stability, self-awareness and self-reliance through mindfulness and yoga therapeutics.  Plenty of variations are given which makes this class suitable for those who are still new to yoga (or enjoy a slower pace) and those looking to advance their skills and take on new challenges Right Now.

Restful / Active (7.5/10)

Power Flow Level 1-2 Vinyasa with Annie

This class will flow through a consistent series of poses to quiet the mind, engage the body, and connect with self. Based loosely on the ashtanga series, you can expect Sun Salutations, a Standing Series, Forward Folds, Back Bends, Balance, Integration, and restoration at the end.

Restful / Active (8/10)

Private Yoga Sessions

All of our yoga instructors are available by appointment to work with clients one-on-one to develop a personalized yoga practice to support their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Clients will be taken through an intake process to understand their unique needs. Sessions draw on a combination of dialogue, pranayama (breath), asana (movement), mudras, visualization, and relaxation. The yoga program developed may be active or restorative, depending on the client’s intentions. This service is best suited to individuals who want to apply yoga in a targeted way for the individual’s needs or circumstances, for those who are new to yoga and want individualized instruction for a strong foundation for their practice, or for those who want help developing a personalized practice that they can do on their own at home.

Restful / Active (Varies)


fully qualified instructors

A Radiant Life is proud and honored to have incredible instructors and practitioners from across the country offering a wide variety of classes and a myriad of services.  All of our instructors have continued their studies past their basic yoga teacher training, and the majority of our staff qualify as RYT-500 (Registered Yoga Teachers who have completed 500 hours of training) or beyond.  We are also proud to say that our staff includes a C-IAYT (Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist), several Advanced Teachers of Therapeutic Yoga , a trauma-informed yoga facilitator, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, a certified herbalist, an esthetician, several Reiki Masters, energetic healers, empaths and intuitives.  In addition to group classes, all of our instructors and practitioners are available for private online sessions as well.

  • Jackie Kubica-Aronoff
    Jackie Kubica-AronoffYoga Instructor
    Jackie has been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching since 2009, and founded A Radiant Life in 2010. She specializes in helping those with chronic health conditions, who are recovering from illness or injury, or who are new to yoga.
    • RYT 200 in Hatha yoga from Rishi Institute in 2009.
    • RYT 200 in Vinyasa yoga from Rising Lotus Yoga in 2011.
    • RYT 500 – Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga from Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2020.
    • Additional training in Therapeutic Yoga at the White Lotus Foundation, as well as the Roll Model Method.
  • Annie Arcuri
    Annie ArcuriYoga Instructor
    Annie has been a yoga Instructor since 2017. In addition to her formal training, she has nurtured her love of yoga through in-depth study of Patanjali’s yoga sutras with Kate Holcombe Her intention is to teach safe and healing movement classes that will leave the body feeling great both moments and years into the future. She draws upon her diverse knowledge of psychology and yoga to help each person peel back the layers to access a life of health and joy.
    • RYT 200 from the Ananda Yoga and Detox Center in Koh Pangan, Thailand.
    • RYT 200 in Vinyasa from Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness in Costa Rica.
    • RYT 500 – Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga from Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2020.
    • Additional training in Advanced Bhakti Flow with Rusty Wells in San Francisco.
  • Meredith Kramer
    Meredith KramerYoga Instructor
    Meredith Kramer has been practicing since 2000. Yoga for Misfits is her philosophy – bring her your achy back, tight hamstrings (all 4 of ‘em), bum this, and bad that, and your “I can’t do yoga - I’m not flexible”s. Everyone is welcome in her class as she cultivates a sense of play and exploration. Every body and everybody will find their version of the pose. Yoga is not a workout, but a work in. We come to our mats to stretch hamstrings and hope.
    • RYT 200 Anusara-style yoga in 2018.
    • Studying at Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy.
  • Antoinette DiMascio, PhD
    Antoinette DiMascio, PhDYoga Instructor
    Antoinette has been a yoga instructor since 2014. Her career of more than 25 years spans the gamut from organic cosmetology and aesthetics, to energy medicine, Western herbalism, yoga, Ayurveda, spiritual ministry, and intuitive sessions. of Hatha yoga.
    • ERYT-500 in the Shri Vidya tradition.
    • Ayurvedic Health Consultant, currently studying for her doctorate.
    • Currently studying at the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy.
  • Dani Joy
    Dani JoyYoga Instructor
    Dani has been practicing yoga since 1998, and teaching yoga since 2017. Since every yoga practice is unique, she believes in using props to help each person find the best position for their body within each pose.
    • RYT 200 in Vinyasa yoga from Rising Lotus Yoga in 2017.
    • Roll Model Method Science of Rolling in 2018.
  • Tiare Kahana
    Tiare KahanaYoga Instructor
    Tiare has been a hula dancer since childhood, and a yoga practitioner for over thirty years. Her yoga classes embody the essences of nature as taught in the ancient wisdom of Hawaii (hula), China (qigong) and India (yoga).
    • RYT 200 from Cross Roads Yoga in 2017
    • RYT 500 – Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga from Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2020
    • Additional training in Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga4Cancer, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Adaptive Yoga and Qigong-Infused Yoga
    • Completed Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Child Light Yoga in 2019
  • Kristen Kolenda
    Kristen KolendaYoga Instructor
    Kristen Kolenda has been teaching yoga since 2009. She has extensive experience with athletes, and specializes in utilizing yoga as a tool in improving mental health. Her intention is to help her students move through life with more ease, both in body and mind.
    • RYT 200 (2009) & E-RYT 500 (2015) Yoga H’om
    • Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Instructor (2009) Judith Hanson-Lasater
    • RYT 500- Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga (2019) Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy
    • Additional training in Child Light Children’s Yoga and Patvan Aerial Yoga


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